Redaction Analyzer

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Redaction Analyzer

ESILAB’s Redaction Analyzer provides lawyers and litigation support professionals with the ability identify each and every redaction in image-based eDiscovery productions in a matter of hours. Secure, user-friendly, highly automated and scalable, the Redaction Analyzer can be run against both inbound and outbound productions, and is able to identify a wide variety of redaction formats (including unlabeled black box redactions and text based redactions).

The Redaction Analyzer results can be used to identify redacted documents produced prior to receipt of applicable redaction / privilege logs as well as to test the veracity of such logs once received. In addition to operating on a standalone basis, the Redaction Analyzer seamlessly interfaces with most major document review platform databases via its ability to generate an overlay file in industry standard load file formats.

Additional capability is provided by the Redaction Analyzer’s advanced redaction blackline capability that provides users with the ability to identify deletion of redactions in the event of a subsequently amended production. Easy to use built-in quality control tools also provide the ability to quickly identify and exclude false positives.


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