Representative Engagements

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Representative Engagements

The following are representative of the types of engagement recently undertaken by ESILAB:

  • For a Regulated Investment Fund:
    This engagement involved the automated conversion of 40,000 pages of public offering materials filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The source material was in an unstructured .pdf and .txt formats. Once ESILAB had converted the relevant material into a structured format certain key legal provisions were automatically identified, extracted and incorporated into a report for further analysis by the client’s legal team.


  • For a Major Insurance Company:
    This engagement involved the development and deployment of technology designed to assist in the re-underwriting of residential loan files. The engagement involved enriching XML data from a third party data vendor and creating a sophisticated, user friendly interface that presented loan file/tape data in an easy to read format together with blackline functionality highlighting updates to loan breach finding narratives and materiality conclusions. A major factor in improving the quality, depth and speed of the re-underwriting review was the fact that ESILAB provided the ability to hyperlink the loan file data to the original data source located in underwriting guidelines, loan files and supporting documents.


  • For a Fortune 100 Company:
    After extensive due diligence by the client, ESILAB was commissioned to automatically parse, normalize and extract data from semi-structured discovery related materials. In total in excess of 1.5 million data points were delivered for export into another vendor's case management system. In addition, ESILAB was able to provide further insight into the client’s data by performing complex calculations for inclusion into reports that continue to inform the client’s overall litigation strategy.”


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